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How to Cultivate Romance in a Season of Shelter-In Place

Being together with my husband, waking up next to him, and spending the day together is something I cherish each day.

My husband and I met at work and we continued to work together when we were newlyweds. I remember I would take my breaks to be with him and some of our coworkers didn't understand how we could be married and still take our breaks together. They would say, "You're together all the time." I would tell them, "I married him because I enjoy spending time with him."

Daily shared activities really matter in keeping relationships thriving. Although my husband is our amazing family chef, during this remote work season when we are both spending each waking moment together, we have the freedom to make breakfast for one another and spend some time connecting, whether in small, silly talk, or deep conversations. Getting inside his mind really excites me. I love knowing what makes my husband happy, what he thinks about politics and religion, and dreaming about our future plans. Whether we are sticking to a schedule or partaking in new activities, spending time with my husband is what brings sugar and spice to our life together.

During this season of shelter-in place, it