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Three Ways To Rock Your Marriage!

I have a great marriage! I'll just start with that. Here's the thing; you can have a great marriage too!

I have an amazing marriage and here's what I love about my husband. Aside from our love for one another and our mutual respect, what makes our marriage healthy and thriving is my husband cherishes me, empathizes with where I'm coming from, and edifies who I am. Let me explain.

I grew up in a broken home. My parents divorced when I was 16 years old. I went from having a great childhood to dad walking out the door. We lived in a nice home growing up and then we had to move to a bad part of town. We went from good times to food stamps. Times were hard. I lost my sense of security and safety and had to find my new place of belonging in the world.

My husband had a much different upbringing. He grew up in a secure, two parent home, siblings, love, acceptance, and belonging. He was able to go to a great college, have a career, and have amazing friends who are still a part of his life.

Through the meshing of our lives as husband and wife, we have learned to navigate the terrain of our two worlds. Initially, I lived in the fear that, as my dad had left us, so would my husband leave one day. My husband entered my world in a way that helped me break out of being that scared little girl I had become. We reached a place of trust and vulnerability I so desperately wanted in our marriage. He was able to understand my story, by empathizing with where I had come from; a place of fear, abandonment, and insecurity. In so doing, I felt loved, cherished, and a sense of belonging where there had once been doubt and distress.

  • Will our marriage work?