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"The Great Resignation" Is Creating Waves: The "Aha" Moment Causing People To Rethink Their Life

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics nearly four million people have left their jobs. The return to the office has caused a spark in people to reassess their life. This pandemic season has evoked much reflection on what's important and what gives our life meaning. People are looking for a new beginning in this post-pandemic season as they search for jobs that will give them a sense of purpose. There is a focus toward growth, learning, and re-skilling for better job opportunities. Through the difficult challenges, people are taking time to reflect and re-evaluate their life and the great possibilities of "What's next?"

People, once more motivated by money, are now changing course toward jobs that will bring them greater happiness and fulfillment. They seek opportunities where they are able to add value and contribute to the greater whole of the team and organization. Job-seekers are craving work-life balance, job flexibility, and team bonding; building relationships that aid in collaboration.

It takes courage to resign from your job, to look for a new career path that will energize you and give you a sense of purpose that you are contributing toward a greater good. Understanding what you want most in life is just the beginning of what can be.