Upcoming Events

  • Tue, Mar 16
    Virtual event
    Mar 16, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Virtual event
    In this free virtual workshop, you will learn key elements to setting up and leveraging your LinkedIn profile. Whether you are new to the professional world of LinkedIn or you want to gain new knowledge about LinkedIn's features, this course is for you.

Events Are Created To

- Educate and inform

- Create opportunities for

   transformation, such as

   healing and spiritual growth

- Engage with others

Create An

Action Plan

- Create your action plan

- Determine the obstacles that

   prevent you from reaching

   your goal

- Celebrate your wins!

Gain New Skills and Knowledge

- Learn to develop daily

   actionable habits to get you to

   your goal

- Consider where you are at and

   where you can improve

- Focus your efforts to reach

   your goal(s)

Engage in Community

Being a part of a community:

- Helps hold us accountable

- Creates opportunities to

   engage with like-minded


- Allows us to reach our goals


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