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Christian Mental Health, Premarital Counseling, Marriage Coach

Before embarking on our journey together as a married couple, my partner and I decided to engage in pre-marriage counseling, and it's one of the best decisions we've ever made. Our experience with pre-marriage counseling was transformative, enriching, and deeply insightful.

Initially, we approached pre-marriage counseling with a sense of curiosity and a desire to strengthen our relationship foundation. However, we quickly realized that it offered so much more. Our counselor provided us with a safe space to openly discuss our hopes, fears, and expectations for marriage. Through thoughtful guidance and structured exercises, we were able to explore important topics such as communication, conflict resolution, financial management, and family dynamics.

One of the most valuable aspects of pre-marriage counseling was the opportunity to uncover potential areas of disagreement or misunderstanding before they could escalate into larger issues. Our counselor equipped us with practical tools and strategies to navigate these challenges effectively, fostering a deeper understanding and empathy for each other's perspectives.

Moreover, pre-marriage counseling allowed us to strengthen our emotional connection and intimacy. By delving into our individual backgrounds, values, and beliefs, we gained a profound appreciation for the unique qualities that brought us together. We learned how to celebrate our differences and leverage them as strengths in our relationship.

Beyond addressing immediate concerns, pre-marriage counseling also provided us with a roadmap for long-term relationship success. We established clear goals and priorities for our future together, laying a solid foundation for building a fulfilling and resilient partnership.

As we approach our wedding day, we feel profoundly grateful for the insights and guidance we gained from pre-marriage counseling. It has empowered us to approach marriage with confidence, authenticity, and a deep sense of commitment to each other's growth and happiness.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend pre-marriage counseling to any couple embarking on the journey of marriage. It is an invaluable investment in the health and longevity of your relationship, providing you with the tools and insights necessary to navigate life's joys and challenges together.

JK, San Diego Client

Choosing to have Sandy facilitate our pre-marital counseling through the SYMBIS assessment was a great experience for me and my boyfriend. We knew that we wanted to approach our future engagement and marriage with intentionality and a solid foundation. Having previously worked with Sandy for career coaching, we were confident that she could guide us through important conversations and provide valuable insights.

During our sessions, Sandy introduced us to the SYMBIS assessment, which helped us explore our strengths as a couple and identify areas for growth. Surprisingly, we realized that we had already discussed many important topics on our own, but it was incredibly reassuring to hear validation from the assessment that we truly do have the same values and are on the same page about our future together. Sandy's expertise and warm demeanor created a safe space for us to be open and vulnerable, leading to meaningful discussions and growth.


Thanks to pre-marital counseling and the SYMBIS assessment, we feel more prepared and excited about taking the next step in our relationship. We highly recommend Sandy's services to any couple looking to conduct pre-marital counseling and get a taste of what counseling is about."

Jordan Chmielewski, San Diego client

Sandy was an amazing guide for my relationship! She was such an attentive listener and helped navigate our conversations fully. Sandy’s insight and experiences helped our sessions flow well. Her meaningful questions and friendly demeanor (it really feels like you are talking to a friend!) all played a role in my successful counseling experience. I left every session relieved that my boyfriend and I were able to understand each other better and move past some of our lingering issues. I am so thankful to have found Sandy online. She was truly a Godsend.

Banna, San Diego client

I wasn't sure what it meant for someone to be a "Christian Life Coach" until I sat down with Sandy. I've always been one to pray about struggles and goals but other than someone saying,  "just pray about it" or "you're in my prayers", I hadn't experienced someone trying to guide my life decisions spiritually out loud with me. Sandy was such an amazing introduction into this unique way of counsel and guidance. I can feel her heart in our talks and her sincere desire to help. I highly recommend anyone who is stuck in any aspect of life to seek out Sandy as a Christian Life Coach to bring together your life goals and struggles with faith and to not only fight the internal battle yourself but have someone along your side to talk through it out loud and who is also professionally trained to do so.

Jordan, San Diego client

I have known Sandy for several years and she helped me navigate through some pretty difficult seasons in my life with my daughter, marriage and career. Her demeanor and professionalism as well as her faith-filled advice and counsel is what drew me to her and is why I recommend her to friends when they are going through similar struggles.  I consider a great counselor and mentor.

Janice Rivera, San Diego client

Three months ago, I knew that God was working in my life to get help (Wise Council) from someone in very specific areas that I was struggling with. I believe my search lead me first to understand who I did not need, so I would know for sure the right person that I did need –Sandy Ische, Christian Life Coach. One of the first notable qualities that stood out about Sandy was the blogs on her website. I reviewed her articles and remembered thinking to myself, “She LOVES this stuff…this is her PASSION…her heart is ALL IN…”. Sandy’s coaching style was a perfect fit for my personality! She is professional, fun, organized, and optimistic! Our sessions gave birth to many amazing “AHA” moments (GOD WINKING AT ME)! In a short time, I have learned so much about myself! Before, I was focusing a lot on the areas in my life that I was not happy with, but God used Sandy to turn my focus in another direction: truth, strengths, gifts, and love! Through it, all, Sandy, was true to her word and has been my biggest cheerleader along the way. I have fallen in LOVE with Goal setting! Sandy's coaching sessions have been a very special blessing in my life and I am so thankful that she has graciously given her time to help me!

Angel, San Diego client

Gosh.. I am so thankful for Sandy that speaking about her tends to get me choked up sometimes. She is an absolute gem and finding her has been life-changing. This year, I came face-to-face with childhood trauma that held me back in relationship with self and others. While it was uncomfortable at first, I knew I needed to let go of pride and admit I needed help. I am a firm believer that God knows exactly what and who we need at our times of need. Since starting sessions with Sandy- my clarity and mental health have improved tremendously, my social skills and confidence have begun to come through, and the amount of healing and growth that has and is still happening has released so much weight off my shoulders and stinkin’ thinkin’ out of my mind. Sandy is as sweet as they come! The safe space she provides during sessions- packed with encouragement, wisdom, tools and resources- is amazing. I am confident she can speak to and coach in any area you’re seeking help with. I highly recommend her services!

Victoria, San Diego client

My fiancée and I decided to embark on the journey of premarital counseling with Sandy Ische as our guide and we couldn't be happier with our decision. Sandy welcomed us into her home and walked us step by step through the Symbis premarital assessment. She was incredibly helpful and skilled at guiding not only each session but the conversations that ultimately led me to confidence in understanding and communicating with my significant other. The Symbis course itself was great but Sandy's insight and experience were invaluable throughout every one of our sessions and with her helpful advice I feel well equipped to successfully take the next step in my relationship and feel a new and exciting closeness and comfort with my fiancée.

Jacob Neuberg, San Diego client

I initially reached out to Sandy because she was a certified SYMBIS facilitator and could evaluate me and my partner's results for our assessment. Sandy went over and above any expectations I had. We were both nervous before we met her for the first appointment but she made us feel right at home. It felt like talking to a friend- a friend who has immense wisdom and incredible advice! She shared our results (with great insight I might add) and did an astounding job of asking meaningful questions that stimulated conversation and discussions about topics we never thought to have. Every session we had with her instilled more confidence and improved communication in our relationship. She has been amazing at working with our demanding (and many times fluctuating!) schedules. She also had great resources to give us besides SYMBIS. I now consider Sandy a dear friend, and am so grateful for everything she does to support me and my relationship. We couldn't have been more blessed to find her!

Bailey Holmes, San Diego client

I reached out to Sandy after a friend recommended her to me. I was desiring a career change but didn't know where I wanted to go or how to get there. I was nervous to meet with her since I felt I had little material with her to work with. However at our first meeting Sandy was so supportive and encouraging that I instantly knew I'd made a meaningful and significant connection. 


Sandy listened to my list of complaints with my current situation as well as my hopes for a future career with understanding and compassion. She not only affirmed my desires and passions by looking at my strengths and interests, but she also validated my frustrations and reasons for change. 


Since our initial meeting Sandy has been intentional about following up with questions, sending me job ideas and insights, and checking in on my process. She's so attentive and easy to talk to and continues to empower me to believe there is a dream career out there - while also helping me stay realistic and grounded on what that will look like. She provides practical steps for research and connections that feel manageable and helpful. 


I would highly recommend her career coaching services as they has been instrumental in not only my hope for a better career, but also in my confidence that it will become a reality.

Lauryn, San Diego client

I can't recommend Sandy's services highly enough. When I first became her client, my almost 10-year relationship was on the verge of collapse. Nothing was working. However, with Sandy's counseling, my partner and I learned better tools to communicate, had a chance to express ourselves, and learned more about one another than ever before. Today we are going strong, and I credit Sandy in large part to saving our relationship.


When I realized what a treasure she was, I utilized her career coaching services as well. She is an expert on job hunting strategies that are practical and that will work. She helped me to clarify my goals and to quickly assess whether or not certain jobs were worth applying to. She also taught me methods of networking that I had never tried, and when I utilized her techniques, an informational interview turned into an employment interview within just one week! I had never experienced anything like it.


Sandy will work with you wherever you are at in life. She has truly become a friend in addition to a coach, and I can't even imagine what my life would look like right now if I had not become her client. She has helped me grow relationally, professionally, and spiritually, and I am confident she can do the same for you. She is gifted in coaching and is unbelievably encouraging and motivating. She is the type of woman that I strive to emulate, as she is so clearly driven and successful in her own life--a wonderful role model!


Erica, San Diego client

Wow, I have so many good things to say about my coach Sandy! I approached Sandy because I wanted some help figuring out how to utilize my strengths to help me in my personal life and career. She took her time to go over everything I wanted and delivered value beyond my expectations. She helped me discover what’s important about my strengths and how I can develop them to make for a more fulfilling life.


What I appreciated most about working with Sandy, is that I felt Sandy genuinely cared about me and wanted to help build me up as a person. I felt as if I was talking to a friend I’ve known for years. I wasn’t just a number or another coaching session and this is unique with life coaches! So not only does she problem solve, she helped me understand the “why” in my life and this has exceeded my expectations. I will continue to work with her again! Thanks so much Sandy!

Stacie, San Diego client

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