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Today We Said Goodbye To Our Best Furry Friend

Wilhelmina went to animal heaven today. She left us with a broken heart. We will miss her happy-go-lucky personality.

Mini, as our family called her, was adopted from the pound. The odds were against us, I didn’t believe they were, but a logical person might have. We had to put our name in for this furry Giant Schnauzer, who looked like a mini-bear indeed. We were third on the waiting list, you see, she was sure to be desired by potential animal lovers one or two, but none would take her, and so we received the blessing of a furry ball of sunshine passed up by others.

My husband brought her home one day, much to my surprise. I was a bit disturbed to have a new companion, at first. It’s not for the reason you might think. I am an animal lover after all, especially the canine kind. But lest my husband forget, we had already adopted a Pitbull-lab who also resided in our home. This was one too many, you see. Nope, it couldn’t be. But that sneaky husband of mine chose to ask for forgiveness than permission. And, so the adventure began with two pups added to the Ische clan.

Then came the decision to name her. That came easy, as we gave her the name Wilhelmina after my husband’s great grandmother who had passed away. As she grew and we introduced her to friends, they would always tell us, “You named her wrong.” Mini didn’t look like a “mini,” you see, she was a Giant Schnauzer, after all, but the name stuck and fit her perfectly.

Like all dogs, Mini had a personality all her own. She was super friendly, and excitable as well. I would always prepare my friends for a warm welcome as Mini loved to jump as she greeted. Whatever you do though, don’t look into her deep brown eyes. You’ll simply melt and fall in love with her, just like we did.

One day, I recall, when Mini was still new to the family, a friend was visiting with me. Victoria and I were hanging out in my living room when Mini had to go out in the backyard. Upon letting Mini back into the house, poor Victoria was jumped on by Mini in a quick flash. Mini ran in, around the table, hopped on my friend who was sitting on the coach, and onto the floor again within seconds of letting her in. Like a blast of energy waiting to be released. I was a gasp and looked over at my friend to see if she was all right. Victoria and I erupted with laughter at the incident that just occurred. No harm was done, just a sudden burst of great vigor.

Mini, my family, and I also liked going on amazing adventures. The longest was in a car ride to Washington state where we explored nature trails and left no rock unturned, climbing every hill and surveying every field. Dogs take much longer to walk, as they sniff and inspect everything along the way, though much faster than we could ever catch up. It didn’t take much to make Mini happy; people, food, and the great outdoors definitely was a good time to be had.

Though many wonderful memories fill my soul, my heart surrenders to sadness above all. I know this pain will ease, yet never completely be gone. The idea of waking up tomorrow morning and not having her there to greet me is more than I can bear. No more long hugs and walks and silly body configurations, like the ones she used to form as she’d turn on her back with her legs in the air. For truly, dogs are man and woman’s best friend.

To love is to risk being hurt, but to not love is to not live at all.

A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17


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