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Getting Through The Tough Times: A Message of Hope in Uncertain Times

I remember waking up to a warm December morning and feeling excited about the Christmas season. What had started out as a beautiful Saturday gathered around with family quickly turned into a cloudy day. It was the first time I experienced adversity as my parents announced they were getting a separation. I was only 16 years old, the oldest of 4 siblings. We lost our home. We even lost friends. My mom hated the idea of having to apply for welfare.

I love that, through it all, mom fought for us. She loved us. She wanted us with her. We were in this together, and through the pain, we were there for each other.

As I continue to hear the news of the Coronavirus and the impact it is having over people; communities, countries, the world, I am overwhelmed with a sense of surrealism. The news must be mistaken. It's surely not happening to me, to us, to everyone.

It's like a scary movie announcing a terrible tragedy, only this time it's real.