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Stress and Anxiety: Navigating The New World

Earlier this year I visited the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park in San Diego. It was the beginning of spring and the flowers were in full bloom. I had wanted to visit the previous year for my birthday, but the world shut down just a few weeks before my intended visit.

During my visit, there was a healing exhibit titled: WHAT DID YOU CREATE IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS?! In this exhibit people were invited to share their creative artwork and stories. Aside from the amazing artwork, I fell in love with the stories shared by so many that told of their experiences and feelings during the COVID season.

As I read the stories, I saw blessings and courage, a reminder of who we were created to be, and acknowledgements of the difficult challenges that were faced, filled with hope for the future. This inspired me to be a blessing to others in who Christ has created me to be.