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Groundhog Day: An Invitation To Be Creative, Innovative, And Think Outside The Box

Once upon a time, back in 1993, Groundhog Day, the movie, premiered. A story about a weatherman who finds himself mystifyingly living the same day over and over again.

At first, I didn't mind it so much. Staying home, spending my workdays with my ruggedly handsome husband sitting across the kitchen table from me. We could wake up early, without the commute, and make each other coffee and breakfast and take our Giant Schnauzer for a walk during our 10-minute morning break. Life was grand, or so we thought, but the novelty of our "Groundhog Day" wore off and Wednesday became a repeat of Tuesday which became a repeat of Monday and "Oh ya, what day is it?"

Although it was nice to be home together and quickly fall into a nice routine, the humdrum of the daily rhythm soon became stale and we found new ways to look on the bright side of our happy home. You may have reached that point as well, the feeling of the claustrophobic endless cycle. As I reflect on the circumstances of the COVID season of shelter-in-place, I begin to consider what it must be like for others. Is it easier or harder for the extroverts or introverts? What about the people who live alone or have small children that need schooling, playtime, and fresh air. What about the youth and college students whose lives revolve around "hanging out with friends" on a daily basis?