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Best Date Ever: Being With The One You Love!

Once upon a time in a city not so far away I met a man that would win my heart. He had a heart like I’ve never seen before. He was fun and funny, warm and caring, very charming, and full of adventure.

We had met at work and not long after married. My every moment was spent wanting to be with him. I even remember a colleague asked me, soon after my husband and I married, why I took my breaks to be with my husband. I said, “I married him because I want to be with him.” It was logical to me and I didn’t understand what he could not see.

I fell in love with a man I wanted to be with, spend the rest of my life with, and grow old with. We talked about everything; our dreams and hopes for the future, God, our faith and our values, the family we wanted, dog and all, wished for vacations and plans for the future. The time we spent together was better than chocolate or ice cream, and that’s good stuff.

Do you remember the commercial where the man says to the woman in a cozy log cabin, “I love you.”? She tears up and he says, “What? No one’s ever told you I love you before?” She says, “Not the right guy.” If you get “this,” you get “it.” That was me. Head over heels. I found my prince charming.