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Three Things My Mother Taught Me

Once upon a time when I was a little girl, I grew up moving a lot. Every year was a new place and new people. My childhood friends used to ask me all the time if my Dad was in the military. Although my Dad had served in the military, that was before he and my Mom met. My Dad loved looking for the next best paycheck. When he started as an apartment manager, he kept looking forward to how he could get ahead. It was a blessing indeed. We didn't grow up rich, but we never wanted for anything.

Moving meant packing, a new school, new friends, and a new neighborhood. It was the regular rhythm of my early years. My extrovert personality didn't mind, of course, but it did mean that I had a "new" best friend every year. I was always the new kid on the block.

What I remember about my Mom during this ever moving season of my childhood is that she was always welcoming. Whether we were the ones moving into the neighborhood or new people moved in next door didn't matter. She wanted to be the first to invite our neighbors into our lives. I love that this also helped me broadened my cultural awareness at a young age, as we met all sorts of people.

My Mom is an amazing cook and she bakes just as well. She would make a dish and take it over to the neighbor. Who can say no to a yummy home-cooked meal? Needless to say, we made friends quickly. Neighbors loved reciprocating with a delicious meal or an invitation to their home. Before we knew it, we'd be hanging out with the neighborhood kids at the pool, playing at the playground with them, or sharing a meal. I remember my childhood as fun and delicious, to say the least.

We met all sorts of people. Made lots of friends everywhere we went. And, I learned what it meant to be a good neighbor. Although, I'm not a cook, I do love to make friends just like Mom.

Three Things My Mother Taught Me

  1. People matter

  2. People want to feel welcomed and included

  3. Neighbors open up the opportunity for a beautiful friendship

I'm so grateful for all of the lessons my Mother taught me through her kind actions for love of people. These lessons have shaped who I am and to be intentional in how I welcome and include people.

  • What are some of the lessons your mother taught you when you were a child?

  • How are you welcoming and including people into your everyday life?

  • Who is the last person whose life encounter became a life-long friendship?

My Mother's lessons have helped me to follow in a tradition of baking for my neighbors. My neighbors and I engage in a shared tradition of exchanging sweet treats. Even our dog benefits from this custom, as my neighbor includes doggie treats in her gifts.

Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up. Romans 15:2

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익명 회원
2020년 5월 08일

Written so beautifully, friend! You yourself are very welcoming and inclusive, and genuinely care for others' needs :-) My mom taught me how to be polite and respectful to others, how to work hard, and (also!) how to cook some traditional Filipino dishes!

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