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The Art of Fruitful Labor: From Office to Working Remotely

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, ordered a state-wide shelter in place as the threat of the Coronavirus continues to devastate the nation. Working from home can bring many challenges, especially for those who have never worked from home before. There are a lot of accommodations to consider, whether you are a single person in a small studio or a family with little ones at home. What is the best course of action in these arduous times?

Even if you've worked from home before, there may still be some challenges to keeping a productive work schedule. Your spouse may now be required to work from home, as well. Do you have family or friends to help with the children when you need to be on a conference call or zoom into a meeting with your colleagues? What about the older youth who are more independent, such as your high schooler or college student who was sent home and now have to be taught remotely? Consider where you and your spouse will work from and where each child can study and do homework during this season? Is there an office? Can you share the kitchen table?

When meeting with my clients, our sessions center on:

  1. What is the goal?