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How Will You Grow In The New Year? Tools To Measure Progress

Since I was a kid, I've always enjoyed being active. I liked playing outside. My curfew was when the sun started to go down. When I started learning how to swim as a child, I remember holding my breath and trying to swim underwater from one end of the pool to the other without coming up for air. Eventually, I made it and each time I swam further and further underwater. I'm sure I thought I was just holding my breath longer, but probably it was that I had become a stronger swimmer.

The same was true in junior high and high school. I took track, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, weight training, and other sports. I was the kind of person that would get up early in the morning to exercise before going to school. Maybe you enjoyed being outdoors too, playing sports, cycling, skating, or hiking.

As a reward in seventh grade our coach would let the top runner rest on the sidelines, while the rest of the runners ran the track. My girlfriend, Minnie, and I would always compete. She and I and one other guy would take turns coming in first through third place, so you would see us alternate resting on the field. It was a great motivator to compete with my friend, as it made me want to go faster. Having someone to compete with, to cheer you on, or to hold you accountable is a great motivator to both staying on track and reaching your goals.

Any athlete will tell you it's important to measure your progress.</