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Put God First!

Earlier this month, I was talking with a friend of mine about her Christmas and New Year’s plans. She was getting ready to go home for the holidays and planned to spend some time reflecting over this past year, as well as making goals for the upcoming year. I got super excited for her and anxious to catch up in the New Year to hear about the plans she had settled on. I asked what one of her goals might be. My friend wanted to work on her character. I asked what she meant by that. Her desire was to cultivate the character of Christ to be more humble and positive. Those words melted my heart and I thought we could all use her advice.

Her desire to be more Christlike reminded me of Denzel Washington’s commencement speech. Denzel Washington highlights four important goals we should all strive for, beginning with putting God first in our lives. He reminds us that everything that we have is by the grace of God. It is God’s gift to us. Denzel’s bullet points are: