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The Scary Money Question

How to ask the scary money question! The anxiety provoking question you’d rather skip and just get the raise. Do I really have to ask for it or can you just give it to me and spare me the awkwardness of the situation?

Not long ago my niece texted me and asked me, “Aunt Sandy, can you give me advice on how to ask my boss for a raise?” Part of me was super excited, not about the question as much as I was about the fact that my niece who lives in another state was contacting me to ask for my advice. Even as a career coach, I don’t often get asked the scary money question, “How do I ask for a raise?” About a month after that, I was driving in the car with my daughter and she asked me the exact same question. I had to laugh and I told her that Lili had just asked me the same thing.

When I coach my clients, I might start with some typical questions, but I always tailor them to their specific situation and needs. For instance, my niece has been working at her position for a couple of years without a raise. My daughter, on the other hand, started working at her company only earlier this year. In addition, their training and experience for the positions they have are different.

Here are some of the factors I asked my niece to consider: