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Recalculating Transition

How do you recalculate and benefit from transition?

Transition is a part of life. It is something that happens to us from the time we are children. For example, we transition to school and making friends, which continues throughout our youth and for some into adulthood, as we work on our bachelors and masters or PhD. There are transition points of life and some are fun and energizing, while others can be difficult and overwhelming, such as career transition, divorce, or children leaving the home.

Some transitions are out of our control, such as a layoff or an illness. Transitions are also a time when God speaks to us. He intentionally makes us uncomfortable so that we may seek His will and discernment toward the next step of our lives. Transition can give us a sense of sadness at times, or bring our confidence down, or make us feel stuck. I want to assure you, this is normal. Staying in transition, as in being stuck, is not a good place to be though. How do you get “unstuck?” How do you recalculate your circumstances and come out on top?

Honestly, this is a great opportunity to get curious and ask yourself some very important questions. Use this time as a time to grow, challenge yourself, and even recreate yourself!