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My Resolution Tour

Why do people go crazy at New Year’s?

Personally, I love the New Year! It’s such an inspirational time of year. It's a time to reflect on the year gone by and the promise of a new beginning. It’s not about the resolutions, per say, as much as it is about the dreams they hold. It’s not about the things you will or will not do in the New Year, as much as the hope they bring. The hope of something wished for and the anticipation that it brings. It’s about the journey and the adventure that lay before you.

What does the New Year mean for you?

Two years ago, I had a really difficult year; not just me, but my family as well. I remember coming into the New Year and praying to the Lord asking him to give me joy. I needed joy! I needed a fresh start, a time to laugh and find happiness again. Honestly, I also needed to be brave and sometimes that is what we need to live when the next step seems difficult or even impossible to take.

As I sat and reflected, not only in the last year, but how far the Lord has brought me through these past few years, I praise the Lord for the hard times. I know that sounds difficult to believe, but the hard times make us stronger. They make us who we are.

Trust me; I am not saying I want hard times. That would be dumb. But, what I am saying is, I am thanking the Lord for getting me through the dark times and bringing me to a better today. So, as I reflect on the New Year, I hold much hope and anticipation for what it promises:

  • A new beginning, a fresh start

  • An adventure

  • A chance to take risks

  • Hope and anticipation

  • Dreams and second chances to make them come true

  • Happiness, hugs, kisses

  • Having family and good friends

  • Faith

  • A whole lot of love

  • And even a miracle

I want to encourage you this day to stop and reflect on the past year and what the New Year may hold for you.

  • What adventures will you have?

  • What risks will you take?

  • What dreams do you hold for the New Year?

Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father . . . James 1:17

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