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Called to be a Blessing

It was a Friday night, and having the family together, we decided to make it a family night. Our daughter, Marissa, volunteered to take our orders and stop by a local fast food restaurant to pick up some food to bring home. When she returned, she told me that there was a homeless man in front of the restaurant. She said the man asked her for money, but instead she thought it would be nice to buy him a meal. She asked me if what she did was the right thing to do.

I told Marissa, "What you did was very kind. It was the right thing to do, for the Lord tells us in Romans 12, 'as far as it depends on you.' As far as it depends on you, you did the right thing. God used you to be a blessing to him and in turn God blessed you as well."

This day, I am reminded of how blessed I am and all that I am grateful for. In the midst of the everyday busyness of life, I want to stop and give thanks to God for being in my life and for His continued blessings. Every day I choose to give Him thanks. In the difficult times and in the good times in my life, I know God is with me. He fills me with His love and gives me a heart of gratitude. Through His blessings I ask Him to help me be a blessing to others. John Wesley said, "Do all the good you can ... To all the people you can." That is my prayer for you and me.

May our lives be a reflection of the character of Christ, showing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness to one another. (Galatians 5:22)

  • How will you share God's love today?

  • What good will you do for someone this day?

  • How will you be a good neighbor to God's people?

I encourage you, as far as it depends on you, to share Christ's love

for we are called to be a blessing! 1 Peter 3: 8-12


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