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Traditions Bring Families Together

Why is sitting around the table, enjoying a meal together so vital to community? I mean Jesus and meals always went hand in-hand. There must be something to it!

Growing up, my dad loved camping, so I remember those special camping trips. Camping was something we loved to do. I remember one of the things I’d always do on our trips was hiking, climbing, and exploring. There was always an adventure to be had, not to mention the thrill of being better at something that your siblings weren’t as good at. I loved being the older sister! Show off!

Family meals were also always a time to come together and connect; it was a way for us to bond as a family. Some of my best memories have been around the table, catching up on the day’s events, talking about our week’s activities and who needed what or coordinating schedules, doing homework together, having theological conversations, playing board games, baking and decorating Christmas cookies, or celebrating birthdays, good grades, and soccer wins.

It’s essential to consider that as the children grow and seasons change, some traditions will also change. Growing up, the kids knew every Friday night was pizza and game night, and Saturday mornings meant pancake breakfasts. Pancakes with our kids initials or chocolate chips or little baby pancakes, because the kids were little. Of course, they loved and looked forward to these family gatherings.