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The Adaptability Strength: Go with the Flow!

In the middle of an undercover assignment in Italy, Angus MacGyver revs up the car engine. He is getting ready to crash a party to get the bad guys and save the good guys yet again.

MacGyver is a super genius with "twelve first place science fair trophies, two years at MIT, three years diffusing bombs for the military, and his current career comprises of 'a little of this and a little of that.' " (MacGyver season one, 2016)

MacGyver is the kind of guy who emanates confidence and like a boy scout is always prepared for the unexpected because life is unpredictable. If plan A doesn't work, which it undoubtedly won't, he is quick to decipher the situation and improvise. Voila, plan B! Whether he uses his trusted pocket knife, chewing gum, duct tape, or tin foil, you can bet he has a backup plan in the making tucked somewhere in that imaginative brain of his. His motto is, "It's no fun if it's too easy!"

MacGyver has a career that forces him to be resourceful and to rely on his unorthodox and very ingenious techniques to save people. He is keen at setting others at ease with his quick thinking, and problem solving skills, because when he is confronted with a stressful situation, MacGyver saves the day!

MacGyver is always at his best when he is under the gun and forced to react under pressure. He adapts well to changing situations. He is also all about the people, which explains why the Adaptability theme falls under the Relationship Domain of CliftonStrengths.

Do you like to go with the flow?

Do you thrive in dynamic settings?

Do the changing demands of a work environment excite you?

You just might have the strength of Adaptability!

CliftonStrengths describes people with the strength of Adaptability as people who live in the moment. They create their future by the choices they make in the present. They understand that change is an inevitable part of life and they are able to adapt and respond to change quickly.

People high in Adaptability are at their best when faced with an urgent situation or the fluctuating demands of a work schedule. They are confident that they will stay ahead of the current circumstances, no matter what life throws at them. They are quick to adjust to changing situations or transitioning from one project to another while still being present. They recognize that life is uncertain and change is and unavoidable part of life.

If you have the Adaptability theme you are able to embrace change more quickly than those around you. You thrive in dynamic environments and welcome change, while still being present and responding to the situation at hand.

People with Adaptability are gifted at ascertaining and reacting to a situation quickly to make the necessary decisions at work, fluctuating schedules, and transitioning through life's demands. They are great at being spontaneous and love the unexpected. In essence, they are the ones that keeps the team calm and moving forward under pressure. If you have strength of Adaptability, you help your colleagues adjust to change when going through transition and help the team move forward.

What challenges did you face this week where you remained calm under pressure to keep the team moving forward?

What is a recent situation where you went with the flow?

Are you able to see the next steps clearly in the midst of intense circumstances?

How does your ability to be in the moment help others be productive?

He has made everything appropriate in its time. Ecc. 3:11


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