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Inspire Creativity: Where Will Your Child's Imagination Take Them Today and Beyond?

He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work. Exodus 35:35

Once upon a time, God created Adam and Eve, and a world filled with endless possibilities.

Adam and Eve started with nothing, yet somewhere along the way humans learned to create things from God's good earth into magnificent masterpieces. Simply out of our creativity we began to use our imaginations to invent clothes; clothes without pockets, and clothes with pockets. Shelters from a single room to multiple stories high. Food that inspires every pallet with texture, and taste, and inventiveness. Dancing, singing, drawing, and writing, oh my. Building boats, cars, trains and things that fly. Airplanes and rockets that transport us to distant destinations all over the world and even to the moon and back.

And, when man got cold he thought of rubbing two pieces of wood together to build a fire for warmth, cooking, or sitting by the bonfire connecting with family and friends.

Do you remember where your curiosity started? Think of how far it has brought you!