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Inspire Creativity: Where Will Your Child's Imagination Take Them Today and Beyond?

He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work. Exodus 35:35

Once upon a time, God created Adam and Eve, and a world filled with endless possibilities.

Adam and Eve started with nothing, yet somewhere along the way humans learned to create things from God's good earth into magnificent masterpieces. Simply out of our creativity we began to use our imaginations to invent clothes; clothes without pockets, and clothes with pockets. Shelters from a single room to multiple stories high. Food that inspires every pallet with texture, and taste, and inventiveness. Dancing, singing, drawing, and writing, oh my. Building boats, cars, trains and things that fly. Airplanes and rockets that transport us to distant destinations all over the world and even to the moon and back.

And, when man got cold he thought of rubbing two pieces of wood together to build a fire for warmth, cooking, or sitting by the bonfire connecting with family and friends.

Do you remember where your curiosity started? Think of how far it has brought you!

Our passions are created by the opportunities we take to try new things. What makes us unique and gifted with various talents, strengths, skills, ideas, perspectives, and imaginations for doing, thinking, and feeling differently? The way we express ourselves allows us to be who we are. "And he was filled with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all craftsmanship." Exodus 35:31

We are created with different innate gifts that are uniquely ours, yet they bring us together as human beings through our art, music, acting, sports, writing, languages, cultures, styles, and so much more.

Where does it begin? At birth! Inspired by our curiosity and creativity? It beckons us to fill the landscape God has placed before us, like a blank canvas waiting for the artist to put brush and paint to motion. So, pick up that brush, that writing pen, that instrument, that empty box, or stone by the lake.

What are some of the things we can do to inspire creativity in our children that will continue to galvanize them throughout their whole lives?

My son has always be fascinated with reading and writing. I remember he used to write stories of his sister for his journal assignments in elementary school. Being the oldest, he was also able to share his lego, building blocks, and other expertise he had acquired with his sister. His reading and writing later inspired him to do research as well. The building and creating of things became my daughter's fascination. She loved using her hands to play her cello, crochet, and now designing on Auto-Cad. Their childhood interests have become their life long inspirations.

As parents, it is our responsibility to encourage our kids to build things, to put things together, to try new ways of doing things, to jump in puddles, and color outside the lines.

Most of us have seen Miracle on 34th Street. There is a particular scene where Santa is explaining to Susan how to act like a monkey so that she can play with the other children. Playing brings about so much richness to our lives that teaches us lifelong skills we continue to apply throughout our adolescence and into adulthood. These critical thinking skills follow us to school, our careers, and even our hobbies. We learn to problem solve, to think outside the box, and we imagine the unimaginable into reality.

What can those careers be?

I asked my hairstylist why she wanted to be a hairstylist. She said as a young girl she was drawn to styling hair and doing makeup. She would even do her mom's hair and makeup.

There are people who like to use their hands, like hairstylist, mechanics, and chefs. Tinkering probably started for them when they were young and eventually became a wonderful, paying career.

The array of people who use their imaginations in their profession is endless. Authors, actors, designers, and more. We see people like Chip and Joanna Gaines or the Property Brothers who inspire us with their expertise as they create something out of nothing. They see what can be and turn "something" into the "wow" factor. As the Gaines' children begin to grow, we have seen how they are using those talents inspired by their parents to possibly become future builders or designers.

There are also helping professions where these kids were always seen serving, encouraging, or wanting to bring out the best in others. Possibly something happened in their life that made them want to help others. You've probably heard stories, such as, my loved one died of cancer so I knew I wanted to be a nurse or doctor.

Let's not forget the people who like to be outdoors. They can be lifeguards, fishermen, park rangers, or animal trainers that work in parks, at the humane society, the zoo, or other settings.

  • What will your child create today?

  • Where will their imaginations take them?

  • How are you allowing them to explore, to create, and to think outside the box?

  • What are some ways you can help them develop skills they can use today, into their adolescence years, and through their professional careers?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1


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