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Developing Talent In The AI World

In a recent Forbes article on “Three Trends on the Future of Work,” Anna Tunkel notes extensive changes in the workforce due to demographic and socioeconomic trends and advanced technology that have taken place in recent years. The question raised in this articles is, “How can talent be developed and deployed to ensure that more than 7 billion people can fulfill their potential?”

Tunkel also reports on findings by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne indicating that “47% of workers in the U.S. had jobs at high risk of potential automation.” On a positive note, automation can also bring improvements to the workforce by supplementing and streamlining some job duties. In addition, there are certain God given gifts that cannot be replaced by automation, such as human creativity, ability to strategize, and the emotional connections we build with other human beings (Dr. Kai Fu Lee).

Other trends that have been increasing are the independent freelancers and contractors. These could be coaches, consultants, counselors, designers, drivers, accountants, photographers, web designers, interior designers, and various other professions. “Smart companies are starting to invest in their future workforce: whether it is through current employee training and retraining, through apprenticeship programs and technical reskilling initiatives or by supporting organizations that are helping close the skills and opportunity gaps" (Ann Tunkel).

Bernard Marr, Forbes Contributor, shares “5 Technology Trends That Will Make Or Break Many Careers In 2019.” Hot topics, such as “artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning” are at the forefront. According to Marr, AI will be everywhere, now that preliminary testing has concluded and “breakthroughs in deep learning and reinforcement learning lead to more capable and reliable services.”

Did you know that AI can detect cancer?

How about heart attacks?

Advanced technology in the medical realm is allowing patients to be treated in the comfort of their home. These advances are also giving patients a better quality-of-life and improving their medical treatment.

Will the crucial skills, such as empathy and compassion, that are provided by our medical providers be lost in the AI world of technology?

With advances in technology comes opportunities for keeping current in the technical age. Embracing new technology, learning, and staying current are some ways to help you be successful and stand out from the competition. Be innovative and learn technology and new ways of doing things so that you can have the skills managers are looking to hire.

Admidst all of these predictions, how can we stay current and develop the right skills needed to fill future jobs that have not even been invented yet? According to William Arruda, branding guru, personal branding will be vital for career success as the job market becomes more competitive.

Do you know what you are good at?

What makes you stand out in the job market from other applicants applying for the same position?

Arruda believes, “your personal brand will be the most valuable career management asset you have.”

How will you express your brand on your resume and LinkedIn to get you noticed by hiring managers?

Our personal brand is what sets us apart and represents how we can bring value to an organization. What does this look like in a tangible sense? When I worked at Rady’s I became the scheduling queen. I learned new software on my own and became fluent in scheduling the Emergency Medicine physician’s schedule, which is no small feat. I did such a great job strategically arranging schedules like puzzle pieces, that my role got expanded to include the resident and moonlighter schedules. This became even more complex, as there were residents coming from various programs and they all had different meetings to attend or vacation requests.

While working at Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) Wellness Center, it was important for me to to bolster my medical terminology and be computer savvy. I became the go to for computer expertise in my department. I especially loved interacting with the students, and providing the best experience possible. This not only demonstrated my personal brand as a Christian of good character, but the University’s good brand, as well. I knew my previous experience working in a medical setting got me to this great next step in my career. Finally, I also worked in the career services at PLNU where my expertise became events and networking. In this arena I had to know the ins and outs of planning, coordinating, staying ahead of the game and building relationships. Building relationships has always been important to me. This element became crucial in knowing who to call for what to get things accomplished and deliver a flawless event. Again, I wanted my brand to be great, but I also wanted to represent PLNU in the best light.

In today’s day-and-age, it’s important to realize how our brand impacts our lives. Our first impression may no longer be face-to-face, but may instead be via social channels. Arruda says, “We live in a relationship economy, where relationships are currency to business.” As a Christian Life Coach, my digital print and the image I portray are crucial to me. People find me because they are specifically looking for a Christian coach who understands the spiritual component. This element has become a vital piece of my brand and more valuable coaching asset that sets me apart from other coaches.

Another element that is essential in setting you apart and keeping current in your career path is to embrace learning. Learning comes in various venues, but you have to take the reigns. For instance, learn from your peers, have a professional mentor, or a personal coach, in conjunction with reading blogs or listening to TEDx Talks. LinkedIn also has various online communities you can join to help you cultivate your expertise.

Your professional growth is in your hands. Learn, grow, succeed!

What skills will you learn in 2019 to help you develop the expertise you need to be successful in your career path?

How are you leveraging your personal brand to get you noticed by the leaders in your organization?

How are you cultivating relationships for business success?

“Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

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