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Developing Talent In The AI World

In a recent Forbes article on “Three Trends on the Future of Work,” Anna Tunkel notes extensive changes in the workforce due to demographic and socioeconomic trends and advanced technology that have taken place in recent years. The question raised in this articles is, “How can talent be developed and deployed to ensure that more than 7 billion people can fulfill their potential?”

Tunkel also reports on findings by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne indicating that “47% of workers in the U.S. had jobs at high risk of potential automation.” On a positive note, automation can also bring improvements to the workforce by supplementing and streamlining some job duties. In addition, there are certain God given gifts that cannot be replaced by automation, such as human creativity, ability to strategize, and the emotional connections we build with other human beings (Dr. Kai Fu Lee).

Other trends that have been increasing are the independent freelancers and contractors. These could be coaches, consultants, counselors, designers, drivers, accountants, photographers, web designers, interior designers, and various other professions. “Smart companies are starting to invest in their future workforce: whether it is through current employee training and retraining, through apprenticeship programs and technical reskilling initiatives or by supporting organizations that are helping close the skills and opportunity gaps" (Ann Tunkel).