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A New Year Brings New Adventures!

I have always loved New Years!

It’s a time to reflect and look back at all the things that have happened throughout the year. Places I’ve gone, goals I’ve accomplished, and people I’ve met. I reflect on the big and the small victories through the year and begin to dream and look forward to new adventures.

Like Dr. Seuss says, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” For some, it might be exciting to hit the restart and refresh button. For me, the achiever and goal setter who loves to write countless lists, a new beginning makes me thrive.

I started last year attending a leadership conference at the Rock Church. Then, in March, I took a coaching challenge, which encouraged me to start a Facebook business page for my life coaching business. I have grown both personally and professionally. Quitting my full time job to pursue my dreams has given me more confidence in believing I can do whatever I set my mind to and I use this fuel to encourage my clients to believe in themselves.

As I reflect, I can now look back at all of the baby steps I took and the progress I have made since starting my own life coaching business. I had to learn to navigate the starting a new business terrain, as well as creating a website to announce myself to the world. I have written over two dozen blogs, done several premarital counseling sessions and I’ve coached clients on various dreams and goals, such as singing, training, voice over, and dating.