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A New Year Brings New Adventures!

I have always loved New Years!

It’s a time to reflect and look back at all the things that have happened throughout the year. Places I’ve gone, goals I’ve accomplished, and people I’ve met. I reflect on the big and the small victories through the year and begin to dream and look forward to new adventures.

Like Dr. Seuss says, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” For some, it might be exciting to hit the restart and refresh button. For me, the achiever and goal setter who loves to write countless lists, a new beginning makes me thrive.

I started last year attending a leadership conference at the Rock Church. Then, in March, I took a coaching challenge, which encouraged me to start a Facebook business page for my life coaching business. I have grown both personally and professionally. Quitting my full time job to pursue my dreams has given me more confidence in believing I can do whatever I set my mind to and I use this fuel to encourage my clients to believe in themselves.

As I reflect, I can now look back at all of the baby steps I took and the progress I have made since starting my own life coaching business. I had to learn to navigate the starting a new business terrain, as well as creating a website to announce myself to the world. I have written over two dozen blogs, done several premarital counseling sessions and I’ve coached clients on various dreams and goals, such as singing, training, voice over, and dating. I’ve also coached clients on their Strengths, college majors, and the decision to go back to college, and design their career path.

On a personal level, I’ve met a lot of people and made some new friends along the way. I was able to take a nice vacation to Washington to see my niece get married, in addition to visiting family in Wisconsin. It’s been a good year.

As you reflect, ask yourself?

  1. What new places have you traveled to this past year?

  2. What new friends have you made along the way?

  3. How have you grown personally, professionally, as well as, spiritually?

  4. What new adventures will you take in the New Year?

Give God thanks and celebrate your small and big victories!

Reflect on the past and redirect in the New Year

If you are a freshman, reflect on how far you've come and celebrate that you are a semester closer to graduation day. What new friends have you made? What new things have you learned? What extracurricular activities will you do? If you are a senior in high school, reflect and celebrate the new friends you've made, the skills you've learned, and the opportunities that lie ahead. Maybe you joined a club or a sports team. It’s time to look at the next adventure in your life and start working toward your dreams. If you are a senior in college, it’s time to polish your resume, connect with professors and get recommendations on LinkedIn. I recommend you take an internship, volunteer your time at church or a local organization where you can make a difference, and remember to visit your career center to finalize your goals and move toward the finish line.

If you are a professional, reflect on what you’ve accomplished this year. What projects have you undertaken, training events you’ve attended, new skills you’ve acquired, and books you’ve read that have helped you grow professionally. Perhaps you got a raise or a promotion. How will you continue to invest in yourself and celebrate your victories? Share your knowledge and expertise with another person. Be a mentor, lead a training, or join an organization with other like-minded professionals where you can share your wisdom and grow.

What are the best things that have come out of this past year? What have been your biggest takeaways? I believe it's important to celebrate the big wins and the baby steps we took to get us there.

For instance, did you:

  • Travel?

  • Go on a mission trip for the first time?

  • Volunteer at an organization?

  • Lead a team?

  • Join a professional organization or platform?

  • Try something new you've never done before?

  • Take any risks or overcome any challenges?

Here are some ideas to get you started toward your New Year's goals.

Set goals with the end-in-mind. Ask yourself where you want to be one year from now, in five years, and ten years from now.

Use tools that will help you visualize your dreams, such as a:

  • Planner

  • Vision Board

  • Mind Mapping

  • Brainstorming Board

It’s important to visualize your dreams and keep your goals in front of you. What tools best work for you to help you accomplish your goals?

Here are some tools to keep you focused on your goal setting:

  • Calendar

  • Planner

  • Journal

  • Action plan lists

I encourage you to get an accountability partner or a support system to take this journey with you and cheer you on. You can recruit family members, friends, your Bible study or Life Group, a mentor, or a life coach.

In what ways were you challenged, stretched, and pushed to the next level?

Our goals should take us out of our comfort zone and push us to be our best. If you have a big goal for the year, break your goal into smaller steps and set timelines. Celebrate milestones! It's important to check in with yourself and make sure you are continuing to venture in the path you have set for yourself. I always ask my clients what their challenges are and what obstacles they foresee so we can address them in advance. Taking time to see the big picture of our landscape will help us to navigate the terrain and set in place the boundaries we need to help us see the beauty of accomplishing our goals. Although it's important to address the challenges as they arise, we need to focus on our strengths and how we can use them to meet our goals.

Create SMART Goals

Goals should be:

  • Specific: What do you want to accomplish? Why is this goal important to you? Are there other people involved in this goal? Who is holding you accountable?

  • Measurable: Can you track your progress?

  • Attainable: Is this a goal you can reach?

  • Relevant: How is this goal worth your while? Will it help you in your career, academically, personally? Does it align with your values?

  • Timely: When will you accomplish your goal? If it's a long term goal, set milestones to help you reach your goal. This will help keep you motivated and keep you on track.

Failing may be a part of our journey, and it can be good, if we learn from it. Learning is growing. So, fall, learn, get up, and start again. Don't give up on YOU! Take time to invest in yourself. You are totally worth it, for you are a child of the Most High, God our Father.

Dream and set your goals for this year. Don’t wait. Take your first step forward today!

After all, it's a New Year. It's time for a new adventure! Where will your adventure take you? "Oh, the places you'll go!"

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

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