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Staffing Agencies: The Win-Win-Winning Outcome

I made a new friend at the beginning of the year. Yay! I love meeting new people, but especially making a new friend.

My new friend moved to San Diego from out of state. She easily found a place to stay and roommates. She was doing well with her job search, having gone to a 4-year college which had a great career center. She graduated with a communication major.

We had gone out to lunch one day and I asked how the job search was going. She had a really good job opportunity where she made it to the third interview. Wow! That's wonderful news. Unfortunately, although she was a very strong candidate the company decided to go with someone else. Gosh! I know those deep sinking words, "We've decided to go with someone else," having heard them many times in my own journey. They can be crushing words. You know it's "just" business. It's not "personal." And yet, that does not help you feel any better, especially when you know you were so close.

I remember asking her if she had tried going through a staffing agency. She said. "No, that would be something you do as a last resort" where she came from. I replied that it was not the case in San Diego. I've used and would completely recommend staffing agencies. After all, it's a win-win-win scenario.