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What if . . . You Learn To Run?

Just recently, I had two interesting encounters. One friend told me she was afraid to succeed. Another friend was afraid to fail. These encounters caused me to pause and reflect. The concept of succeeding or failing is not one I've spent a lot of time on.

Fear prevents us from living the life God has called us to live. God wants us to live life to it's fullest. John 10:10

Fear of failure inhibits us from moving forward for fear of change or of being rejected, while fear of success can be the fear of what happens if I reach my goal? What do I do next?

Our fear may cause us to do nothing, in which case we become stuck without being able to realize our dreams. Take a moment to reflect on how far you have already come to help you face your fears.

  1. What can you learn?

  2. How will you grow?