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2018 Fastest Growing Jobs

As you are considering your career choices, it's important to know what the career trends are telling us. Where is the job market heading? What career fields are growing? What kind of education is required for the career path I am considering? Are there any jobs in my area once I graduate from college or will I need to consider moving out of town? Does the career I am considering pay enough for the lifestyle I want to live?

As you research the job market and what you need to get to your dream job, it is also helpful to think about what you are saying yes to. Do you want to work for a small or large organization? Do you like working in a slow or fast-paced environment? Would you consider a longer commute, if it means making more money (if that's where the job is at)?

So many factor's go into choosing our career path. If you are in transition and looking for a new career, here is what is trending in careers to help you as you navigate the growing occupations in 2018. According to the fastest growing jobs in 2018 will be:

  1. Biomedical Engineers

  2. Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst