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Job Transition Anyone?

Are you in transition? You are not alone. It has been a reoccurring theme in the questions I have been asked this year. "I'm looking for a new job. What do you recommend? Where do I start?"

As a career coach, it is a blessing to be able to come alongside someone and help them on their journey, from transition to success.

Have you heard the saying, "network, network, network?" There is definitely truth to that. Sometimes networking comes through friends we know, but other times it can come through new connections. Every connection we make can be a lead to a job.

I have a friend who graduated and got married. Her husband was looking for a job for a year without any success. One day there was an opening at her brother-in-law's company and he was able to get her husband a job at his company. Finally!

When we are in transition, it feels very uncomfortable, and it's not fun or easy. Always stay focused on God and His plan for you.