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Say Good Morning To Emotional Balance: And Good-Bye to Stress, Anxiety, and Feelings of Overwhelm

The way we start our day can be a catalyst that jump-starts our whole day. One thing that helps me feel more emotionally balanced is by starting my day in prayer.

I start my day on my knees, thanking God for His blessings, His mercies, and grace that He pours into me every day. I intentionally sprinkle my days with fun activities I enjoy, such as kissing my husband, playing with my dog, and asking my daughter about her life. In addition to spending time with God and making time to be with family and friends, I create space for my well-being to help me stay calm, focused, and to allow myself opportunity to release tension when I feel burned-out or overwhelmed.

How are you starting your day? Do you wake up prioritizing your relationship with God? Being grateful for the blessings in your life? Employ