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Angela’s Cancer Story:  My Journey Begins, Part I

We each have a story to tell.

Stories filled with with adventures of good times and fun times. Stories filled with hope and the love of Christ.

In our stories we may also experience times of pain and discouragement. Times when we are confused and when we don't understand our circumstances.

It is in those times when we choose to share our stories that we bring light to others. The light that reflects the love of God and what He has done in our life, in and through us, to bring Him the honor and glory in the midst of the good and of that which is difficult.

This story is a reflection of God's amazing grace and a life God chose to bring hope to others. It is a story filled with so much good.

My friend Angela is a cancer survivor. Angela is married and a mother of three children. She works as a facilities planner and loves to read and travel.

Angela talked about how too much emphasis is placed on balance. She compares herself, not to others, but instead she compares herself to her former self. Who she was at 20 and 30 years of age, and even who she was before cancer.

Life balance comes from learning our boundaries and discerning what balance means to us. It's accepting that how you live makes you happy. It’s important to have close relationships, even if it means sacrificing having a clean house sometimes.