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Let Your Brand Shine On LinkedIn

I enjoy networking when it's a topic I am passionate about like personal branding!

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the International Coaching Federation conference where William Arruda, Personal Branding Guru, was speaking on "Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn." As a career coach, it's important for me to stay current with career trends so that I can share information with my clients as they embark on their career journey. Whether it's a college student finding their first career, someone searching for a new vocation, or someone in transition, it's important to stay current with the trends. Arruda gave some valuable tips on how to use the LinkedIn platform to build your personal brand. I'd like to share some of these tips with you, along with other tips I've learned as a career coach.

First, what is your brand? Your brand tells others who you are, what makes you great, and what sets you apart. How will people know you? You have the opportunity to show your brand on LinkedIn via your summary or bio. Imagine this as the electronic version of your elevator pitch. Your summary statement is your chance to shine and tell about yourself or your company, what you do, and why you do it. It allows you to stand out! Sharing who you are on LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to boost your brand and it lets you connect with others who can be a part of your professional network.

Aside from listing your company, title, and specialties, write about your interests and passions and tie it into what you are currently doing. It is also important to have a professional head shot. Arruda recommends saving your file as a jpg with your first and last name, which will allow you to come up in searches, such as when people search for me - SandyIsche.jpg.

Here are "6" tips you can use to tell your story and leverage your brand on LinkedIn:

  1. Tell your story in a way that shows what you are passionate about. My passion for becoming a Christian Life Coach is to see others move toward their dream. I love to journey with my clients as they navigate through transition to figure out where they are and where they want to be. To see them reach their dream is an amazing thing to witness. How are you living out your passions, your goals, your dream?

  2. Tell others what you promise to do for them. Your promise can be something that shows what you've done or what you can do for potential clients or organizations. It can also help recruiters find you as a gateway that can become a new career opportunity for you. Do you like numbers? How much money have you raised or helped an organization make? Do you like people? How have you gone above and beyond to help your clients or customers? Did you offer a free consultation or product?

  3. Talk about a specific point and time and bring it to the present, such as, "When I was little . . . today I . . . By telling your story of how you dreamed about being a teacher or doctor or coach and what you did to make it a reality can be inspirational and motivate someone else to do the same. According to A Knights Tale, "A man can change their stars." What will you do to change your stars today?

  4. Talk about your "Aha" moment. What happened and how did it make you change? Tell the world how you found your calling or had to risk it all. For me, I found out about life coaching while I was attending a Christian marriage conference through the American Association of Christian Counselors. It peaked my interested enough to quit my job and let God lead me on a new adventure! What will you do for your next adventure?

  5. What is something that provoked you so much that it moved you to action? For instance, I can say my desire for wanting others to succeed made me become a life coach or my wish to find an end to cancer made me join the fight against cancer by spreading cancer awareness and raising funds for cancer research.

  6. You can also list fascinating facts that get people excited to want to know you, such as your strengths, something that is unique about you, or what makes you creditable.

What I like most about LinkedIn is that it allows you to tell your story. It gives you the chance to get people excited about you and allows you the opportunity to engage with professionals that share similar interests.

Now that you've added your headline, your head shot, and shared your brand on LinkedIn, start building relationships by connecting with other professionals on LinkedIn. Your network will also help you build your brand on LinkedIn as you share valuable information and engage with your connections. Sharing your expertise with your readers will help them to be more successful. It's important to take time to bring value to your professional connections. You can cultivate your network by publishing on LinkedIn, sharing articles, introducing people, or meeting them for coffee.

How will your brand shine on LinkedIn?

"Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven." Matthew 5:16

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