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An Awesome Resume Gets The Interview!

We are living in the 21st century where we compete with hundreds of other applicants for one job. When you apply for a job online, job search engines will tell you how many other applicants have just applied for that job already. This can be a bit frustrating or maybe intimidating. Do not fear. There are tips to get your resume noticed from those competing for “your” dream job.

Small things can make a difference in whether your application gets noticed by the hiring manager or if it will get discarded by the application tracking system. Here are a few tips to help you get noticed.

Resume Tips 101:

Match up your skills by what the job description requires. Don't just send a carbon resume to 10 different companies. Make sure your look at the job requirements and that they are highlighted on your resume.

One-page resume: Perfect for college grads, those just entering the work force, or those with entry-level experience

Two-page resume: Sometimes a resume that is two or more pages in length is necessary for professionals with more experience. I would recommend filling up the page, if you’re going to use a two-page resume. It should be two full pages, not a page and a half.

Use action verbs for each bullet point on your resume.