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What's Terrible About Twos?

Two is such an exciting age in a child's life. They are entering a curious stage and it is the parent's responsibility to fuel their curiosity and help them explore their creativity.

Jonathan, my eldest, loved Lego's, Lincoln Logs, building blocks and other building toys. He loved creating new things. When my daughter Marissa was born, not only did we help fuel that passion but she was also able to learn how to create things by emulating her older brother, Jonathan, who had already "mastered" that side of his imagination.

This curiosity is the beginning of discovering our flow, what we love to do throughout our lifetime; even as we choose our hobbies and career path. My husband likes math and chose engineering as his profession. As a life coach, I love to come along side people in their journey towards discovering their passion and calling. Pouring into someone's life is a blessing!

Two year olds are filled with energy. While children are developing their gross motor skills, they love to climb, run, and kick as they explore their environment. They use their motor skills when they play with boxes, stack books, blocks, or toys, play with play dough, or color outside the lines. As children fuel their curiosity, they are just beginning to learn to play with other children and emulate the behavior of others. At two years of age their vocabulary is expanding and they are able to use two and four word sentences and they are able to say the names of family members, body parts, or animals. Children love looking at books and hearing you read to them Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat, at least that was my daughter's first favorite children's book.