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Keeping Track of Your Job Search

The job search can be an extensive and exhausting process. You have to tailor each resume and cover letter to the particular job you are applying to. Things were different in the 20th century when you would send out one resume to several companies. Today it’s a lot more detailed. Filling out several applications can be confusing.

How do I keep track of it all? Which companies did I apply to? Which position was it for? I don’t remember!

I get the phrase, “I have a job interview.” Yay! So, I ask, “What is the name of the company you applied at or which position did you apply for?”I get the: “I don’t know, or I don’t remember. I’ve applied to several jobs. I can’t keep track anymore.”

It is a common response I have received, so you are not alone.

Times certainly have changed since I applied for my first job. It honestly seemed simpler to me. I’d fill out the job application and I’d either get a call to schedule an interview right away or I’d follow up and know whether the interview was going to happen or not. The interview process was more immediate and the hiri